I am long AMZN from 318.91, long NFLX from 322.18, and long TSLA from 191.36. Regretting big time that I sold my PCLN. Such is trading. Would like a short to balance my positions, may try short side of MA again.


Sold my PCLN at 1008 for a loss of 0.17 and year total at +129.23. Looking for a good trade….



step aside

I covered my ISRG at 366.95, profit 1.20 points, and covered my short MA at 673.60, profit 10.10 points. Year total is +129.40 points. I am still long PCLN, and may go long ISRG or re-short MA before the day is done.

good and bad

I traded PCLN on Tuesday for a loss of 2.21. Now at +118.10 for the year. Current positions are PCLN long at 1008.61, ISRG short at 368.15, and short MA at 683.70. As usual, nervous about all three positions.


I just took my medicine on NFLX. Sold it at 299.60. Loss of 14.89. Puts me at +120.31 year to date. Still short MA which is helping a little. If market slide continues, may sell a little more.

Where I stand

I got out of ISRG last Friday at 371 for a profit of 0.80. I was afraid my profit would turn into a loss so I covered. A good thing, too, as it continued to rally. I then went short MA at 683.70 and long NFLX at 314.49. I stand at +134.38 points for the year. Goal is still 200 points.

I’m out (with a trading error)

I sold my NFLX at 306.46, gain of 12.09. Then I bought PCLN at 980.62 when I meant to sell. I traded out at 979.11 for loss of 1.51. Finally, I sold my long PCLN at 979.45 for a gain of 17.52. Total gain for day is 28.10 bringing year total up to +145.33.


I bought some at 961.93. If it drops a point or thereabouts in the next hour, I’m getting out.


Apparently I cannot stay away. I just bought it at 294.37. May also buy PCLN before the day is out.  I notice that MA keeps on climbing. I still stand at +117.23 for the year.